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“2024 Lineup Includes “Beyond the Facade” at Essence Film Festival”

“Beyond the Facade,” a gripping documentary by Tiara Jamison, has been selected as an Official Selection for the 2024 Essence Film Festival lineup, shedding light on exploitation and sparking hope for change. The film, set to be showcased at the esteemed festival in New Orleans from July 4th to 7th, delves deep into the hidden world of manipulation, bringing attention to the factors that fuel exploitation.

Tiara Jamison, the visionary behind the film, expressed that “Beyond the Facade” is more than just a movie – it’s a powerful call to action to dismantle oppressive structures and empower victims. The documentary premiered in Atlanta last November, receiving praise for its compelling storytelling and impactful message.

Tiara Jamison is a rising star in the entertainment industry, using her platform to challenge norms and advocate for a more empathetic society. Her work has been recognized for its ability to spark essential dialogues and inspire positive change. Represented by Stewart Talent Group, Jamison continues to push boundaries and shine light on important narratives through her craft.

The Essence Film Festival, known for showcasing exceptional projects by Black storytellers from the African diaspora, has selected “Beyond the Facade” as a standout addition to its lineup. Follow the journey of this thought-provoking documentary on social media @beyondthefacadethefilm, and visit their website for more information.