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A Journey into Timeless Wisdom: Sixty-Six Puzzles About the Book of Sixty-Six

Gwendolyn Bradford Norwood, an Elementary Education graduate, is embarking on a mission to share the stories of the Bible in a comfortable and non-intimidating setting. Inspired by a study group tour of the Holy Land in 1999, Gwen introduced unique Bible puzzles in December 2000 that were not computer-generated. In 2004, she released her first volume titled “Sixty-Six Puzzles about the Book of Sixty-Six,” inviting readers to delve into the timeless wisdom of the Bible for practical application in their daily lives.

In today’s fast-paced world, “Sixty-Six Puzzles” serves as a practical guide for drawing wisdom from the Bible, offering insights that transcend time and culture. Drawing lessons from Matthew and Proverbs, Gwen Bradford Norwood encourages readers to embrace openness, learn from the diligence of ants, practice self-discipline, cultivate trustworthy relationships, choose words carefully, maintain hope, prioritize love, and strive for excellence.

Gwen’s passion for the Bible and her wealth of experience led to the creation of this book. “Sixty-Six Puzzles” beautifully portrays the narratives of biblical stories, providing readers with an engaging and educational journey. Featuring a unique blend of puzzle-solving and biblical exploration, the book is an ideal companion for those seeking practical wisdom for everyday living.

The goals of “Sixty-Six Puzzles” reach far beyond mere entertainment. Gwen Bradford Norwood aims to empower readers with valuable lessons that encourage personal growth, meaningful connections, and a purpose-driven life. Prepare to unlock the secrets of the Bible in a fun and interactive manner.

Benefit from the teachings in “Sixty-Six Puzzles” by applying the wisdom from Matthew and Proverbs to your life. This book is a roadmap for positive change, personal development, and fostering deep connections. Embrace the teachings and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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