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Academic from University of Salford joins rock band Mandy, Indiana to perform at Coachella

A music academic from the University of Salford is set to perform at the prestigious Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California this weekend. Simon Catling, who leads the BA Music Management & Creative Enterprise program, will be playing with his rock band Mandy, Indiana during the festival over the next two weekends.

Formed in 2018, Mandy, Indiana has Simon on synth and bass since 2021. The group, based in Manchester and Berlin, had their first live show in August 2021 and released their debut album “I’ve Seen a Way” in May 2023.

Simon, also a music promoter in Manchester, expressed his excitement about performing at Coachella, stating, “I never thought in a million years that we would be playing at such a well-known festival, and that’s down to the great work we’ve put in to get on the radar.”

Having performed in North America in the past, Mandy, Indiana will headline a show at New York City’s Elsewhere before returning to the festival circuit at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound next month.

Coachella, now in its 25th edition, is expected to attract over 100,000 attendees each weekend from April 12 to 14 and April 19 to 21. This year’s headliners include No Doubt, Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, and Doja Cat.

Reflecting on the festival experience, Simon, who has been with the University since 2014, highlighted the unique opportunities that festivals offer. He noted, “With festivals, you get the opportunity to play in locations that you would never normally have imagined going to. The crowds are also typically bigger, and it’s great to be part of something with so much happening. It’s a truly special experience.”

Acknowledging Coachella’s reputation for attracting influencers and celebrities, Simon mentioned that Mandy, Indiana’s experimental sound may pose a challenge but they are determined to make the most of the opportunity.