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“All Souvenirs Available at the 2024 Pixar Fest in Disney”

Attention Pixar fans, the highly anticipated Pixar Fest has officially begun at Disneyland Resort for the year. This exciting festival offers a new parade, fireworks, delectable food booths, and of course, new merchandise that you won’t want to miss out on.

One standout souvenir from the fest is the Pixar Fest Lug Bag, a popular choice among park visitors. These trendy bags tend to sell out quickly, especially during special events, so snag one early if you’re interested.

The 2024 Pixar Fest collection showcases beloved characters from films like Inside Out, Incredibles, Toy Story, and Turning Red, as well as iconic park symbols.

In addition to the merchandise, four new Pixar Fest popcorn buckets have made their debut. The exclusive Magic Key Dug Popcorn Bucket is limited to one per person and can be found at various locations within both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks.

For a more standard popcorn experience, the Pixar Fest Popcorn Bucket is available with a limit of 10 per person. If you’re a fan of Coco, the Coco Guitar Bucket is a must-have, limited to two per person.

Another fun option is the Alien Pizza Planet Truck Popcorn Bucket, limited to two per person. Each of these buckets can be found at select locations in both parks.

For collectors, special limited-time Pixar Fest medallions themed after your favorite Pixar movies can be found in machines scattered throughout Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and Disney hotels.

Moreover, keep an eye out for the upcoming Wilderness Explorer and Toy Story collections, each offering a variety of themed merchandise like tumblers, hats, shirts, and more.

Whether you’re planning to attend Pixar Fest this year or just looking to add some Pixar magic to your collection, don’t miss out on the exciting souvenirs and experiences the festival has to offer.