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An Interview with One Fall: Yorkshire Feature

High energy hardcore band One Fall from Salem, MA recently released their EP titled “Spine First!” The band, inspired by professional wrestling, chose the name to symbolize resilience in the face of political and capitalist challenges. Despite feeling knocked down, they continue to fight back.

Recording and mixing the EP was done by Kyle Paradis at New Alliance Audio, who demonstrated a deep understanding of the genre and the band’s unique sound. The care taken with the drums and overall production has resulted in a release that the band is proud of.

Influenced by bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere, and Strike Anywhere, One Fall also draws inspiration from newer bands like DARKO and Fair Do’s. Their music is meant to empower listeners and resonate on a deeper level.

The band’s creative process involves guitarist Phill starting with a riff, which leads to collaborative structuring and vocal melodies from Helen. The songs can undergo various rearrangements and iterations before completion.

One Fall is excited to tour in the UK this summer and is eager to play at festivals like SBAM and Punk Rock Holiday. Ambitions for the band include continuing to create music they are passionate about, playing with respected bands, and connecting with fans globally.

As they continue their musical journey, One Fall leaves the audience with a powerful message: “Female-fronted isn’t a genre.” To stay updated on their latest news and releases, follow One Fall on Facebook.