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‘Cervia Welcomes back Artevento: Longest-Running International Kite Festival’

The 44th edition of Cervia Artevento, the world’s oldest international kite festival, is set to take place in the skies of the Romagna Riviera. The event features 250 wind artists from across the globe, showcasing their unique creations in the form of colorful kites that mesmerize visitors.

The festival is more than just a display of kites; it offers a wide array of activities and events for attendees to participate in. From workshops and demonstrations to performances and competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this renowned festival. With a focus on creativity, imagination, and the beauty of the natural world, Cervia Artevento attracts kite flying enthusiasts and first-time visitors alike.

Artistic director Caterina Capelli plays a vital role in curating the lineup of artists and activities for each edition of Cervia Artevento. Her dedication to showcasing the best of wind art has solidified the festival’s reputation as a top international event. The festival serves as a community of artists, enthusiasts, and visitors who gather to celebrate their shared passion for kite flying and wind art.

As another successful edition of Cervia Artevento comes to a close, attendees are already anticipating next year’s festival. The combination of stunning kite displays, engaging activities, and a vibrant atmosphere continues to captivate audiences year after year. Thanks to individuals like Caterina Capelli, the festival remains a beloved tradition that showcases the beauty and wonder of kite flying to audiences of all ages.