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‘Clemson University plays a significant role in Artisphere’s 20th anniversary celebration’

The 20th anniversary of Artisphere, the premier celebration of art and artists in the Upstate, will once again feature a strong presence from Clemson University. The event is scheduled to take place from Friday to Sunday, May 10-12, drawing over 70,000 people to downtown Greenville annually.

The theme of Clemson’s exhibit at the festival this year is “It’s a Clemson World,” highlighting the innovative and creative work happening at the university. Activities at the exhibit will include an interactive touch-screen storyboard, a podcasting booth, and a selfie station where visitors can take photos as if they were on the cover of Clemson World magazine.

David Dryden, associate vice president for brand experience at Clemson, emphasized the university’s commitment to bringing its best and most creative individuals and programs to Artisphere. The use of Clemson World magazine as a platform for engagement aims to showcase the unique stories of artistry and innovation at the university.

Clemson’s executive creative director, Jesse Godfrey, expressed excitement about energizing the Clemson experience at Artisphere by incorporating the university’s award-winning alumni magazine. The goal is to engage with festival attendees and give them a glimpse of what makes Clemson a special place for creativity and innovation.

In addition to the exhibit, several artists affiliated with Clemson have been selected to participate in the Artists of the Upstate Juried Exhibition. These artists include MFA students and alumni, showcasing a diverse range of artistic talents from the university.

One notable mention is MFA alumna Glory Day Loflin, whose painting was chosen as the Artisphere 2022 commemorative poster. She has once again been selected to be part of Artists Row at this year’s event.

Artisphere organizers have also recognized MFA alumnus David Tillinghast as an Emerging Artist for his contributions to public art. The festival’s attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy various art installations and exhibitions, including the iconic “Ten Artispheres” sculpture by Clemson’s former Art Department chair, John Acorn.

This year’s Artisphere promises to be a vibrant celebration of art and creativity, with Clemson University playing a significant role in enhancing the experience for all attendees.