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‘Comedian Susie McCabe Wins Spirit of Glasgow Award’

Susie McCabe emerged as the victor of the prestigious comedy award handpicked by legendary comedian Sir Billy Connolly. The Glasgow-based comic clinched the Sir Billy Connolly Spirit of Glasgow Award at the city’s annual comedy festival, beating out tough competition from renowned comedians such as Zara Gladman, Raymond Mearns, Rosco McClelland, and Susan Riddell.

The nominees were carefully selected by an independent panel of judges, which included last year’s recipient Janey Godley and Barbie star Sharon Rooney. The highly anticipated announcement took place at a gala event held at the King’s Theatre, where Sir Billy Connolly himself delivered a heartfelt video message to McCabe from his residence in Florida.

In the video message, Sir Billy expressed his admiration for McCabe’s comedic talent, praising her unique Glasgow style of comedy. He commended her performance on television, expressing his delight at watching her captivating style of humor. McCabe was visibly touched by his words, describing Glasgow as the driving force behind her success in the comedy industry.

Receiving the award was a dream come true for McCabe, who shared her gratitude towards the city and its supportive audiences. She emphasized the significance of the festival in her career, highlighting the unwavering backing she has received from the community. Festival director Krista MacDonald hailed McCabe as one of Scotland’s finest comedic exports, underscoring her deserving win of the esteemed award.

The triumphant moment at the King’s Theatre marked a milestone in McCabe’s career, solidifying her reputation as a talented and groundbreaking comedian. Her success resonated with audiences and industry professionals alike, cementing her status as a comedy trailblazer.