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‘Community at Avocet Court in Ipswich Thrives from Three Fundraising Events’

Avocet Court care home showcased its community spirit by hosting three events that not only brought joy to residents but also supported ActivLives in Ipswich. Through these activities, a total of £228 was raised, fostering connections within the local community.

Chris, a lively personality at Avocet Court, took the lead in organizing fundraising initiatives such as a raffle during the Avocet Ball in February and engaging competitions for Easter. These events not only brought smiles to residents’ faces but also embodied the community spirit of Avocet Court.

This fundraising initiative goes beyond monetary donations; it aims to cultivate a strong relationship between Avocet Court and ActivLives. This reflects Athena Care Homes’ dedication to being an integral part of the local community and creating meaningful connections.

ActivLives, a charity that focuses on transforming lives through allotments and community gardens near Avocet Court, expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. Susannah Robirosa, Development Manager at ActivGardens, highlighted the importance of outdoor activities for mental and physical wellbeing and expressed how the donation will be used for gardening equipment to further their mission.

Overall, the collaboration between Avocet Court and ActivLives exemplifies the power of community engagement and the positive impact it can have on individuals’ lives.