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Cypriot Games Day Celebration – Meraba

Kalimeraba is a newly established intercommunal Cypriot organization based in London, offering a wide array of sociocultural and educational events tailored to Cypriots from all communities and age groups.

Some of the events organized by Kalimeraba include Dinner & Dances, Cypriot Kitchen Workshops, Nicosia Walled City Tours, and Cypriot Games Days. These events have been held at the Hackney Cypriot Association and Cypriot Community Centre, reflecting the organization’s commitment to intercommunal history and inclusivity.

Recently, Kalimeraba held its first event of 2024, a Cypriot Games Day at the Hackney Cypriot Association, which brought together Cypriots from diverse backgrounds and generations to participate in games like Tavla and Spasdra.

As their inaugural Cypriot games day, Kalimeraba provided group tutorials with the assistance of Dede to ensure everyone could join in the fun.

Keep an eye out for more exciting events from Kalimeraba throughout the year! Connect with them on Instagram ( and Facebook (KaliMeraba UK) to stay updated on their upcoming activities.