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‘Danish Bakers Ole & Steen Host UK’s Largest Free Danish Pastry Event’

Danish bakery Ole & Steen is spreading the joy of the Midsommar festival by giving away a record-breaking 250,000 slices of their famous Cinnamon Social pastry. Midsommar is a Scandinavian celebration of the summer solstice, taking place on June 23 and 24 each year.

During Midsommar, people gather in public spaces, remote areas, and forests to dance around maypoles, wearing wreaths and enjoying games and bonfires until the early hours. Ole & Steen is bringing the Danish concept of hygge to the UK by sharing the love with 250,000 slices of their delicious Cinnamon Social throughout the month of June.

The Cinnamon Social is a layered pastry filled with flavorful ingredients and topped with the perfect amount of icing. For those looking for a vegan option, Ole & Steen also offers a plant-based version of the pastry. Known as the ‘Home of the Social,’ the Cinnamon Social is one of their most popular items, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying solo.

New customers can redeem a free slice of Cinnamon Social by downloading the Ole & Steen app and registering for an account. Upon registration, they will receive 450 points in the app, which can be used to claim a free slice of the pastry. Existing app users will also receive a complimentary slice as a thank you for their loyalty.

A spokesperson for Ole & Steen expressed their excitement about sharing the flavors of Denmark with their customers during Midsommar. In addition to the free pastry offer, the bakery recently introduced a new menu featuring quality ingredients and a range of delicious options for breakfast and lunch.

Looking ahead to late June, Ole & Steen will be launching a new Midsommar cake range, offering floral and fruity twists on summer classics. These treats are sure to delight pastry lovers with a sweet tooth.

The points earned through the app are valid for 12 months and can be used towards various rewards. For more information and to download the app, visit the Ole & Steen website. Celebrate Midsommar with a taste of Denmark at your nearest Ole & Steen location.