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Discover the Latest Innovations in Combined Smart Therapies Synergies

A revolutionary approach in medical aesthetics is changing the game, thanks to the innovative combination of science and technology. Advancements with Ted Danson will delve into how these advancements are reshaping the field of aesthetic medicine, particularly in managing age-related anatomical changes. Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapy, a research-designed approach that integrates various restorative therapies, is yielding superior clinically proven results.

Neauvia, under the leadership of founder and CEO Gabriele Drigo, is pioneering a new concept of aesthetics by integrating cutting-edge technologies into a modern and healthy lifestyle. The company aims to inspire and shape the future of aesthetic medicine by providing safe and effective solutions to both healthcare professionals and patients.

In addition to its groundbreaking therapies, Neauvia has established the Neauvia Scientific Academy to offer top-tier medical education and support for healthcare professionals. This initiative aims to enhance medical knowledge and skills, leading to better patient outcomes.

Neauvia, founded in 2012 and now operating in over 80 countries, is a multinational corporation headquartered in Geneva, with production facilities in Italy and Poland. The company provides a comprehensive range of high-end technologies that work synergistically to deliver safe and effective solutions for facial, body, and intimate rejuvenation.

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