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‘Dubai Mall Breaks Record with 105 Million Visitors in 2023’

Dubai Mall achieved a new milestone in 2023, welcoming a staggering 105 million visitors, marking a significant 19% increase from the previous year’s 88 million. Sales figures also soared, showcasing the mall’s exceptional performance throughout the year.

Recent data released by the mall reveals that in the first two months of 2024, a remarkable 20 million individuals visited the mall, indicating another record-breaking year ahead.

Emaar founder, Mohamed Alabbar, expressed his pride in Dubai Mall’s achievements, attributing the success to the visionary leadership and robust economy of Dubai. Alabbar emphasized the mall’s role in driving Dubai’s economic prosperity and innovation, solidifying its position as a vital component of the city’s landscape.

The diversity of visitors from around the globe highlights Dubai Mall’s international appeal and the cosmopolitan nature of the city. Alabbar reiterated this point, underlining the mall’s ability to attract a wide range of nationalities.

Not only a retail destination, Dubai Mall has become a global icon for leisure and entertainment. Its diverse events and promotions in 2023 and the early months of 2024 have been crucial in attracting massive crowds. The Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, and the 3 Day Super Sale were just some of the major events that captivated visitors.

The digital presence of the mall has also expanded significantly, with an impressive Instagram following of 1.3 million. High customer satisfaction ratings, averaging 4.6, showcase the mall’s unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience for its patrons.

In redefining luxury retail, Dubai Mall introduced the “Retail Relation” program in 2023, collaborating with top-tier brands to offer immersive shopping experiences. Festive displays by renowned brands such as Cartier, Carolina Herrera, and Dior enthralled visitors, while exclusive collections from Fendi and Chloe during Ramadan further elevated the mall’s luxury shopping profile. Exclusive events like Watches and Wonders, along with the debut of Louis Vuitton’s Pharrell Williams collection, solidified Dubai Mall’s reputation as a premier luxury shopping destination.