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Exclusive: Cineverse Acquires Psychedelic Documentary Film Atlantide

Cineverse has acquired the psychedelic docufilm “Atlantide” at the Berlin International Film Festival, with plans to debut it on its streaming service, Fandor.

“Atlantide” follows the story of a young man from Sant’Erasmo, an island on the edges of the Venice Lagoon, who lives on his wits, isolated from his peer group who are engrossed in pleasure-seeking activities centered around the cult of the barchino (motorboat). The movie has been well-received at various film festivals worldwide, including Venice IFF, IDFA, Viennale, and more.

The cast of “Atlantide” includes Daniele Barison, Maila Dabalà, Bianka Berényi, and Alberto Tedesco, with Yuri Ancarani serving as both the writer and director. Eric Rowe, Director of Programming at Cineverse, praised the film for its vibrant depiction of Venice’s lagoons, offering viewers a sensorial experience with style and substance that defies typical genre conventions.

Produced by Dugong Films with Rai Cinema, in collaboration with Luxbox, Unbranded Pictures, Alebrije Productions, and Mirfilm, “Atlantide” is set to premiere on Fandor at a later date. Stay tuned for more details on when audiences can experience this bold and captivating film.