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“Exhibition of “Wait… The Reality Is That We Are Never Alone” Set for 2024 Hong Kong Book Fair”

ReadersMagnet, a self-publishing and book marketing company, will showcase Brenda Gatliff’s book on spirituality, titled “Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone,” at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2024. This event will be held from July 17 to 23, 2024, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Hong Kong Book Fair is a renowned summer event in Hong Kong and one of the largest book fairs in Asia. It features cultural activities, performances, and reading sessions by well-known authors from around the world.

In her book, Gatliff shares profound spiritual encounters that challenge conventional understanding and provide insights into a world beyond the physical realm. Readers will be transported to ethereal realms where spirituality intersects with the physical world, revealing divine interventions and synchronicities that suggest a higher guiding force.

Through her narratives, Gatliff instills a sense of spiritual connection and purpose in her readers. The vivid descriptions in the book evoke deep emotions and reassure readers that there is a divine presence orchestrating their lives. Beyond storytelling, the book prompts readers to rethink their perception of reality and contemplate the vastness of the universe.

“Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone” is a source of inspiration, upliftment, and transformation. It delves into themes of faith, resilience, and mysteries that lie beyond our awareness, inviting readers to explore the interconnectedness of humanity.

With experiences ranging from encountering angels to having visions, Gatliff uses her spiritual journey to motivate herself to be a better person and serve others. Her book encourages readers to embrace love, faith, and perseverance.

The book is available in both print and digital formats on platforms like Amazon. Visitors to the Hong Kong Book Fair can explore this enlightening work at the ReadersMagnet exhibit. For more information about Brenda Gatliff’s journey, readers can visit her website.

“Wait… The Reality is That We Are Never Alone”
Author: Brenda Gatliff
Genre: Spiritual Self-Help
Publisher: Independently published
Published date: July 5, 2023

Brenda Gatliff, the author, believes in personal growth and the influence of unseen forces. Her encounters with angels have inspired her to be kinder and more compassionate, and her visions and dreams have guided her through life’s challenges. She attributes her faith, perseverance, and zest for life to the influence of previous generations.