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“Five Career Resolutions to Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year”

As we approach the new year, Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group (UFG), stresses the significance of establishing and reaching goals for both professional and personal growth. With a presence in 60 countries and over 1,600 locations, UFG is a recognized leader in supporting entrepreneurs worldwide.

Titus believes that now is the perfect time to concentrate on the future and outline the necessary steps to progress without being sidetracked. In an effort to assist employees in achieving their objectives, Titus has brought in a “dream coach” to provide guidance, aiming to create a well-rounded team that excels in all aspects of life.

One common mistake people make when setting goals is trying to achieve too many at once. Titus advises focusing on three challenging goals per year, with a maximum of five if there is something particularly exciting. The key is to strike a balance between goals that are too easy and those that are too difficult. Moreover, establishing lead measures – measurable and time-bound actionable steps for each goal – is vital for monitoring progress and ensuring success.

Titus also recommends five career resolutions that individuals can adopt to help achieve their overarching objectives for the year. These resolutions include serving as a mentor, taking on project management roles, engaging in regular reading, embracing change, and recognizing achievements. By actively participating in these behaviors, individuals can contribute to their personal development and advance the success of the company.

Setting clear and tangible goals, both in the professional and personal spheres, is crucial for progress and success. Titus underscores the importance of putting dreams into writing as a crucial initial step towards realizing them. By establishing achievable yet challenging goals, creating actionable steps to attain them, and incorporating career resolutions for growth and learning, individuals can make significant strides in their personal and professional lives.

Forbes Business Council, a premier organization for business owners and leaders, provides a platform for networking and professional growth opportunities. By focusing on setting and achieving goals, individuals can position themselves for success, guided by experts like Ray Titus who understand the value of goal setting and personal development. It is never too late to establish new goals and strive towards fulfilling dreams, taking the necessary steps to ensure a successful 2024.