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Fresh Tourism Campaign in Queensland Features Bluey and Robert Irwin

Queensland has recently launched a groundbreaking international tourism campaign featuring the beloved cartoon character Bluey and Australia Zoo’s Robert Irwin. The campaign, titled “Bluey’s world, for real life”, aims to attract an additional 1.3 million travelers to the state and target key markets like the US, UK, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore.

The campaign is centered around a captivating television commercial where Robert Irwin invites viewers to experience living in Bluey’s world for real life. The commercial showcases popular Queensland holiday destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane, encouraging viewers to come and immerse themselves in Bluey’s world in Queensland. This collaboration between Tourism and Events Queensland and BBC Studios capitalizes on the global popularity of the character Bluey.

To kick off the campaign, a new world record was set for the game of “Keepy Uppy”, with over 700 participants playing simultaneously in Brisbane, Cairns, and on the Gold Coast. This marks a significant milestone for Tourism and Events Queensland, with the campaign aiming to draw more visitors to the state and highlight its diverse range of attractions. The campaign launch coincides with the opening of Bluey’s World, an immersive experience at Brisbane’s Northshore scheduled to open on November 7.

The partnership with Ludo Studio, the creators of Bluey, is especially timely as the studio was recently named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2024. This recognition underscores the global popularity and influence of the character, making it an ideal ambassador for promoting tourism in Queensland. The campaign targets a broad audience of potential visitors, including international travelers and those from other states, utilizing a mix of advertising strategies and marketing initiatives.

The “Bluey’s world, for real life” campaign aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of Queensland as a top tourism destination, featuring iconic locations like the Great Barrier Reef, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. By leveraging the popularity of Bluey and partnering with Robert Irwin, the campaign seeks to captivate the imagination of potential travelers and inspire them to experience Queensland’s magic firsthand. Through a combination of traditional advertising methods and digital platforms, the campaign aims to reach a wide audience and motivate them to visit Queensland and explore all it has to offer.

Overall, the collaboration between Tourism and Events Queensland, BBC Studios, and Ludo Studio represents a unique initiative to boost tourism in Queensland and highlight the state’s premier attractions. By aligning with popular characters and influential personalities, the campaign aims to engage a broad audience and appeal to both domestic and international travelers. Through innovative marketing approaches and compelling storytelling, the “Bluey’s world, for real life” campaign is poised to leave a lasting impact and drive visitor numbers to Queensland in the near future.