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George Clanton Wishes for Seal to be Played in Heaven

George Clanton, the innovative DIY artist and founder of indie record label 100% Electronica, is this week’s guest on SOUND ADVICE. Known for his psychedelic album “Ooh Rap I Ya” and his work under various monikers such as Kid’s Garden and Mirror Kisses, Clanton is a trailblazer in the music scene.

With roots in the Virginia punk rock scene, Clanton has collaborated with artists like Nick Hexum and continues to push boundaries in his music. Ahead of his performance at the Shabang music festival, Clanton shared a playlist of songs he’s currently listening to and answered some questions in our Sound Advice questionnaire.

When asked where he dances, Clanton admitted he saves his moves for the stage, preferring the energy and atmosphere of a live performance. His current song on repeat is Seal’s “Prayer for the Dying,” showcasing his eclectic music taste. Clanton also shared that he prefers wired headphones for convenience and reliability.

Reflecting on his past aliases and music projects, Clanton explained the evolution of his sound and style, incorporating elements from his various personas into his current work as George Clanton. With a unique approach to music and a diverse range of influences, Clanton continues to captivate audiences with his creativity.

As the world faces uncertainty, Clanton remains focused on his music and artistic vision. From curating his own music festival to exploring new sounds and genres, George Clanton is a testament to the power of individuality and innovation in the music industry.