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Get to know Sterling Coleman, the top African-American operator at Zaxby’s

Sterling Coleman has made a name for himself as the largest African-American operator for the popular restaurant chain Zaxby’s. Despite starting as a franchise owner with limited experience in the restaurant industry, Coleman’s determination and dedication have led to his success.

In 2003, Coleman signed his first franchise agreement with Zaxby’s and received valuable support from the brand’s co-founders, Tony Townley and Zach McLeroy. Their trust and assistance were instrumental in helping Coleman establish and grow his business under the SJAC Food Groups banner.

Over the years, Coleman has expanded his Zaxby’s footprint, at one point owning 17 locations before eventually selling some of them. In 2014, he entered into the largest multi-unit deal in Zaxby’s history by committing to open 28 establishments in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Zaxby’s, known for its crispy chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, and salads, has a strong presence in 17 states. While most Zaxby’s restaurants are owned by franchisees, Coleman stands out as the largest African-American operator with 13 locations in Georgia and Oklahoma.

With his first location in Smyrna, Georgia, Coleman became the first in the Zaxby’s system to achieve million in sales. His success can be attributed to his previous experience as a sales manager at a Fortune 500 company, where he learned the importance of building relationships and understanding the business.

Coleman’s decision to become a franchise owner was fueled by his belief in the Zaxby’s brand, leading him to invest his bonus checks and even put up his home as collateral to make it happen. He admired the brand’s commitment to family values and saw it as a key factor in his decision to join the Zaxby’s franchise.

With his remarkable journey and achievements, Sterling Coleman has proven that hard work, dedication, and a passion for business can pave the way for success in the franchise industry. As the largest African-American operator for Zaxby’s, Coleman continues to inspire others with his entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.