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Heritage group seeks volunteers in Warmley

The Warmley Signal Box and Community Garden Group are actively seeking new volunteers, especially individuals who have recently retired and have a passion for local heritage and community involvement.

Currently, some members of the group are planning to step down from their committee positions, creating a need for a new secretary and treasurer. Additionally, the group is looking for volunteers to assist with gardening, maintenance tasks, and organizing fundraising events.

The signal box, which was last in operation in 1968, fell into disrepair after the closure of the freight line. However, since 2008, the group has taken care of the site, leading to its restoration and grand reopening in 2013 as a heritage site.

Ros Pyle, a representative of the group, expressed, “We are a small, welcoming group and are open to any expressions of interest. We are happy to provide support to those interested in understanding the roles available.” The group also encourages younger volunteers with interests in railways, horticulture, or wildlife, as well as those seeking volunteering opportunities for a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Volunteers at the Warmley Signal Box and Community Garden Group are treated to refreshments courtesy of the nearby Waiting Room Café.

Upcoming community events include a celebration on the first weekend of June to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, with a beacon lighting on Siston Common scheduled for Thursday, June 6th. In September, as part of the Heritage Open Days fortnight, the group plans to offer vintage bus rides around the local area on Saturday, the 14th.

For those interested in volunteering or learning more about the Warmley Signal Box and Community Garden Group, contact Ros via email at [email protected]