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‘Join the Better Together Festival for Unity from April 15-21’

Host a Free Film Screening and Discussion in Your Community

LOS ANGELES, March 19, 2024 — The seventh annual National Week of Conversation is coming up on April 15-21, 2024. As part of this event, community spaces across the country are encouraged to participate in the Better Together Film Festival to promote unity and hope.

Individuals or groups who want to be a part of this movement can sign up to host a free screening and discussion in their community. By becoming a hosting venue partner, participants will receive free film screening links from April 15-21. This initiative aims to bring people together to enjoy high-quality films and explore common ground during a time when division seems prevalent.

According to Pearce Godwin, CEO of Listen First Project, the Better Together Film Festival offers a simple yet powerful way for communities to come together, watch inspiring films, and engage in conversations that bridge divides.

The festival will take place in various venues such as libraries, museums, community centers, faith institutions, and colleges, to showcase films that highlight stories of unity and understanding. After registering and selecting the desired films, hosts will receive all the necessary tools to ensure a successful event, including conversation guides and social media toolkits.

Featured films for the Better Together Film Festival include “Black, White, and the Greys,” “Dialogue Lab: America,” “List(e)n,” “Public Enemies, Private Friends,” “Purple: America, We Need to Talk,” and “Undivide Us.”

Organized by the Listen First Coalition and inspired by the #DisagreeBetter campaign by the National Governors Association, the Better Together Film Festival relies on the support of donations and volunteer hours from individuals dedicated to promoting unity.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Karissa Raskin at [email protected] or 860-488-0018.

Source: Listen First Project