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‘Lu Xiao Wei Partners with Kode for Representation in UK’

KODE Signs Director Lu Xiao Wei for UK Representation

KODE has proudly announced the signing of director Lu Xiao Wei for UK representation. Lu’s work is characterized by unique storytelling that explores human identity, blending striking visuals inspired by her East Asian heritage with elements of contemporary British culture.

With a keen insight into youth culture across different continents, Lu uses fashion, culture, and social issues to shape her distinctive style. Her high-concept, performance-driven work has garnered attention for its rich, textured, and empowering narratives.

Having trained for 11 years as a professional ballet dancer, Lu transitioned to a creative career after being inspired by choreography and directing dance. Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with prominent clients like Nike, Meta, Bumble, Lego, Samsung, and more. Her short films have received international acclaim, winning awards at festivals such as the New York City Independent Film Festival and featuring at prestigious events like the London Short Film Festival and the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Lu’s passion for giving voices to the unheard is evident in her work, as seen in her short documentary “The Filial Daughter,” which explores professional mourners in Taiwan. The film has been selected for esteemed festivals and showcased on platforms like NOWNESS and i-D, sparking important conversations and solidifying Lu’s reputation as a standout director in the international film community.

In joining forces with KODE, Lu expressed her excitement for the collaboration, emphasizing the shared vision and passion for storytelling. Jack Goodwin, KODE’s co-founder and executive producer, praised Lu as a stellar addition to their roster, recognizing her deep passion and drive for creative storytelling. The partnership aims to push boundaries, create meaningful films, and resonate with audiences on a profound level.

With this new partnership, both Lu Xiao Wei and KODE are poised to embark on exciting projects that push the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking.