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Majority of people opting for local holidays

A recent survey commissioned by Hastings Hotels has revealed that almost three-quarters of people on the island of Ireland (74%) plan to holiday closer to home this year. The survey, which included 1,731 respondents from Northern Ireland and the Republic, found that soaring summer temperatures across mainland Europe, coupled with climate concerns, are leading to a decrease in overseas trips for some holidaymakers.

Regular 40C+ temperatures in many parts of Europe have made 27% of respondents more hesitant to travel to hotter destinations. In contrast, the unpredictable climate in Northern Ireland plays a significant role in decision-making for 60% of respondents when choosing between vacations abroad and staycations at home.

Environmental factors are also influencing holiday decisions, with 21% of respondents avoiding air travel due to its environmental impact, and 41% considering a provider’s sustainability policy when selecting accommodation. Additionally, opinions on the value for money of holidays in Northern Ireland vary, with half of respondents believing staycations offer good value, while almost a quarter disagree.

Financial considerations are also a key factor, as 37% of participants reported having to spend more on their holidays this year due to rising costs. However, 11% plan to cut back on spending due to budget constraints, while 18% are willing to spend more for a more enhanced experience.

James McGinn, Managing Director of Hastings Hotels, expressed encouragement at the trend of more holidaymakers opting for staycations this year. He highlighted the convenience of the hotel chain’s six properties across Northern Ireland, which are located near popular attractions and landmarks, allowing guests to make the most of a holiday closer to home this summer.

McGinn also emphasized Hastings Hotels’ commitment to sustainability, with policies in place at each hotel to minimize carbon footprint while still providing exceptional service to each guest.