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New Album ‘In Waves’ Released by Jamie xx

Renowned British DJ and producer Jamie xx is set to release his second solo album, “In Waves,” in September. Fans can now enjoy a taste of what’s to come with his latest single, “Treat Each Other Right.”

Jamie xx has maintained a strong presence in the electronic music scene, mesmerizing audiences with his performances at major festivals like Coachella, CRSSD Festival, and Portola. With a reputation for delivering stunning beats, Jamie xx has solidified his position as a top-tier talent in the industry. Now, he is gearing up to expand his musical legacy with the forthcoming release of “In Waves.”

After a nine-year wait, fans can finally rejoice as “In Waves” is scheduled for release on September 20 under Jamie xx’s Young imprint. The album will feature 12 tracks, including collaborations with renowned artists such as The Avalanches, Oona Doherty, and Robyn.

The first single from “In Waves,” titled “Baddy On The Floor,” was released on April 15, coinciding with Jamie xx’s performance at Coachella. Teaming up with Honey Dijon for the infectious dancefloor-ready track, Jamie xx set the stage for what’s to come. Accompanying the album announcement is his latest single, “Treat Each Other Right,” which showcases Jamie xx’s eclectic blend of disco, house, and more.

In a statement about the album, Jamie xx shared, “I wanted to make something fun, joyful, and introspective all at once. The best moments on a dance floor are usually that for me. I can’t wait to share it with you.”

Fans can listen to “Treat Each Other Right” on their preferred platforms and pre-order or pre-save “In Waves” ahead of its release. Pre-orders will receive instant access to tickets for Jamie xx’s show at Alexandra Palace.

For a sneak peek into what’s in store, watch the music video for “Treat Each Other Right” on YouTube. Additionally, check out the tracklist for “In Waves” below:

1. Wanna
2. Treat Each Other Right
3. Waited All Night (feat. Romy, Oliver Sim, & The xx)
4. Baddy On The Floor (feat. Honey Dijon)
5. Dafodil (feat. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier, & Panda Bear)
6. Still Summer
7. Life (with Robyn)
8. The Feeling I Get From You
9. Breather
10. All You Children (feat. The Avalanches)
11. Every Single Weekend (Interlude)
12. Falling Together (feat. Oona Doherty)

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