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New Exhibition at The Royal Mint Experience is a Big Hit!

The Royal Mint Experience has unveiled a new exhibition titled ‘Coins and the Sea’ just in time for the upcoming May Half Term. This exciting exhibit delves into the history of coins and their fascinating journey across the high seas, showcasing treasures recovered from shipwrecks.

Visitors will have the opportunity to embark on a historical voyage, learning about how coins were used in international trade and even by pirates. The exhibition features sunken treasures of concreted coins, offering a unique look at the role of currency in maritime history.

One highlight of the exhibit is the display of a coin struck in the mid-1340s, depicting Edward III’s golden noble. This coin, part of the second coinage of King Edward III, shows the King on a ship wielding a sword and shield. Such imagery showcases the longstanding tradition of ships appearing on coins minted by The Royal Mint.

Dan Johnson, Visitor Attraction Manager at The Royal Mint, expressed his excitement for the new exhibition, stating, “We are thrilled to open our new exhibition at The Royal Mint Experience. The team at The Royal Mint Museum have identified unique and exciting artefacts to showcase in this collection, and we look forward to taking visitors on a discovery of hidden treasures.”

Hannah Spruce, Exhibitions Manager at The Royal Mint Museum, highlighted the collaboration with museums and individuals in bringing the exhibition to life. She emphasized the importance of telling the story of maritime history and its impact on the world today through the ‘Coins and the Sea’ exhibit.

In addition to the new exhibition, The Royal Mint Experience will host a series of events to celebrate May half term. More information about the events and the ‘Coins and the Sea’ exhibition can be found on The Royal Mint website. Don’t miss the chance to explore the intriguing world of coins and their connection to the high seas at this award-winning tourist attraction.