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New Summer Sampling Campaign by Jazz Apple

Jazz Apple has launched its first summer sampling tour post-pandemic, aiming to reinvigorate consumer interest and enhance brand visibility. The tour began at the Brighton Foodies Festival, where a specially designed apple sampling wagon attracted significant attention and engagement.

Over 10,000 Jazz apples were distributed to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 20,000 attendees at the festival. Beyond just tasting the apples, festival-goers took part in various activities like hula hoop and limbo competitions, adding a lively and interactive element to the experience.

Hannah McIlfatrick, Marketing Manager at Worldwide Fruit, shared her excitement about the campaign’s potential, emphasizing the importance of direct consumer engagement. The goal is not only to drive sales but also to educate people about the unique qualities of Jazz apples through hands-on experiences.

The summer tour plans to visit prominent food festivals across the UK, including Cardiff, Chelmsford, and Glasgow. Each location is strategically selected to maximize exposure and consumer interaction, with the aim of leaving a lasting impression that translates into increased sales and brand loyalty.

Aside from physical sampling events, the campaign is supported by a strong digital presence. Social media platforms are utilized to extend the campaign’s reach, featuring live updates, consumer feedback, and interactive content to engage a wider audience. This multi-channel approach ensures that the Jazz Apple message resonates with both festival attendees and online followers.

The campaign not only addresses pandemic challenges but also serves as an opportunity to innovate and adapt marketing strategies to meet the evolving consumer landscape. With a focus on health and wellness, Jazz Apple aims to position itself as a tasty and nutritious option that seamlessly fits into a healthy lifestyle.