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Nurturing youth talent at a European festival

The Thuringian Europe Festival, held on 27-28 April 2024 in Gera, Germany, was a resounding success. With a combination of entertainment and informative discussions about Europe, the festival emphasized the upcoming European elections.

Gera, a city in east-central Germany’s Thuringia state, played host to over 25,000 visitors who enjoyed a weekend filled with international music, dance, entertainment, and community spirit. The festival, organized by the European Information Centre of the Thuringian State Chancellery and The European Regional Development Fund, took place at Gera’s Hofwiesen Park, offering a vibrant educational and musical program open to all.

Deputy Headteacher Martina Lorey kicked off the festivities with an opening speech highlighting the significance of the Erasmus+ project, aimed at promoting education and youth in Europe. Throughout the weekend, attendees had the chance to participate in activities organized by local and international clubs, including the EU NEIGHBOURS east YEAs stand.

In addition to cultural experiences and presentations, the festival also featured a variety of delicious food options. From grilled sausages to tasty treats, participants were well-fed and energized for the festivities.

The presence of Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) at the festival underscored the event’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding. By engaging with attendees, particularly young people, the YEAs aimed to raise awareness about their organization and encourage participation. Setting up an infopoint, the YEAs provided information about their mission, goals, and impact, while also offering merchandise and snacks from Eastern Partner countries to give attendees a taste of the region’s culture.

In a region where awareness of Eastern Partner countries may be limited, the YEAs’ participation at events like the Thuringian Europe Festival is essential in promoting understanding and countering extremist ideologies. Through education, dialogue, and collaboration, the YEAs strive to shape a future of Europe based on diversity and inclusivity. With a focus on engaging youth and changing misconceptions, the YEAs believe in making a positive impact on society and fostering a more united Europe.