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‘Part-Time Instructor Set to Perform at Summer Street Festival’

Ryan Black, an Audio classes teacher at Columbia, is set to join NÆ on stage at Midsommarfest in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood on June 8th. Chicago’s summer festival scene provides numerous opportunities for faculty, students, and alumni to showcase their talents.

The event, taking place at the Summerdale Stage located at 5350 N. Clark St., promises to be a high-energy cosmic-themed pop show with a unique narrative and an inclusive message. Black, also known as Blizz, will be performing alongside NÆ, presenting original songs that touch on themes of consumer culture and self-expression.

Having been involved in the writing, composing, choreography, audio production, and directing of the show, Black is excited to bring an empowering and entertaining performance to the audience. Those interested can find out more about NÆ and Blizz on their YouTube channel.

Don’t miss this dynamic collaboration between Ryan Black and NÆ at Midsommarfest for a one-of-a-kind musical experience.