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Possibility of Sundance Film Festival relocating under consideration

The Sundance Film Festival, a staple event in Park City, Utah for the past 40 years, is now considering proposals from other cities to host the festival starting in 2027. The Sundance Institute, which organizes the festival, is seeking input from potential hosts with a Request for Information, followed by a Request for Proposal and proof-of-concept submissions later this year.

While this news may come as a shock to many who have cherished the festival’s presence in Park City, it is a necessary step for the Sundance Institute to explore its options and ensure the festival’s sustainability and growth. Eugene Hernandez, Director of the Sundance Film Festival and Public Programming, emphasized the importance of supporting artists and audiences while maintaining the essence of the festival experience.

Despite this exploration, there is hope that Park City and the state of Utah will remain a part of the festival’s future. The longstanding relationship between the festival and the local community, as well as the involvement of Robert Redford and his family in the decision-making process, highlight the deep connection and love for Utah that the Redford family possesses.

Ultimately, while the future location of the Sundance Film Festival remains uncertain, the Institute is committed to ensuring that the festival continues to thrive culturally, operationally, and financially. Whether it stays in Park City or moves to a new city, the Sundance Film Festival will undoubtedly continue to showcase cinematic magic for years to come.