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PowerSlap superstar Ron “The Wolverine” Bata talks Smack about Country Stars Jelly Roll, Morgan Wallen and Cody Johnson. – PRWire

Las Vegas, Nevada (PR WIRE) March 13,2024

“Ron ‘The Wolverine’ Bata Talks PowerSlap and Country Music Favorites with Keep It Truckin

Keep It Truckin is the fastest growing country digital media outlet online with 200000+ subscribers on Youtube. Kit country hosted PowerSlap star Ron” THE WOLVERINE” Bata in a full virtual interview sit down! Not only is Ron a PowerSlap champion but he is also a huge country music fan. We talked to Ron on who he thinks has the most powerful slap in country music today!

The first choice we gave him was country mega star Jelly Roll, he has the hit songs ” I need a favor and “Son of a sinner”. The second choice was Morgan Wallen, some would call him the new King of country. He has had 10 number one songs in the last 5 years. The third option was Cody Johnson. He is the new face of country music with his hit song “The Painter” burning up the radio charts! 

When Kit country presented the question to Ron he was very confident in his answer. He believes that in a competition or a bar fight that involves slapping the crap out of someone, Cody Johnson (The Texas all American hero) would give the most impactful smack. He also mentioned that Morgan Wallen would be a close runner up with his bad boy swag. Watch the clip below!

Who is Ron Bata?

Ron Bata, commonly known by his nickname “Wolverine,” has had quite the journey these past few years.

Prior joining the Power Slap organization, he was already one of the best slap fighters in the world.

Before he even found the sport, Bata was an MMA fighter and would deliver lumber as his day job.


Power Slap is an American slap fighting promotion company owned by Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) chief executive officer Dana White.

Power Slap first gained notoriety by producing a reality television show titled Power Slap: Road to the Title, originally broadcast by the TBS network in the United States and on Rumble internationally. Contestants on the show slapped each other in the face to win the “Power Slap League” tournament. The show’s first season consisted of 8 pre-recorded episodes and was followed by the Power Slap 1 live event that aired exclusively on Rumble.

The show was executive produced by Power Slap’s owner Dana White. After Road to the Title‘s cancellation by TBS, White confirmed that Power Slap would continue to hold events and produce content for Rumble. During the Power Slap 5 live event, it was announced that the second season of Road to the Title was set to air on Rumble. The second season began airing on November 15, 2023.

Ron Bata will be battling it out on April 12th for the next title belt in Las Vegas. Be sure to check him out and stay connected to everything Keep It Truckin.