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Taco Hemingway Performing at the Green Festival in Olsztyn

Taco Hemingway, the first Polish rapper to sell out PGE Narodowy and reach two billion plays on Spotify, is set to make his debut appearance at the Olsztyn Green Festival. The festival organizers are thrilled to announce him as a jubilee surprise for the festival’s 10th anniversary.

“We are incredibly excited to celebrate Green’s 10th anniversary with our festival attendees, and we have prepared 10 special surprises that we will unveil gradually. The final surprise will be announced just before the festival weekend, taking place on August 15-16-17 at the beautiful Ukiel Lake in Olsztyn. The first surprise revealed is a performance by Taco Hemingway, adding to our fantastic lineup of artists,” say Anna Pruszyńska and Jacek Zmiczerewski, the OGF organizers.

The decision to include Taco Hemingway in the lineup was a long-awaited one, as fans have been anticipating his performance for almost a decade. This milestone edition of the festival promises to showcase exciting surprises that go beyond just music, offering a new and revitalized festival experience.

Apart from Taco Hemingway, the festival will feature performances by a stellar lineup of artists including Edyta Bartosiewicz, Daria Zawia³ow, Kwiat Jabłoni, Zalewski, Kim Nowak, Grubson, The Dumplings, Smolik / Kev Fox, and many others. The Olsztyn Green Festival is shaping up to be a must-attend event for music lovers and festival-goers alike.