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‘Trevithick Day marks 40th anniversary in Cornwall town’

Residents of Cornwall gathered to commemorate Camborne’s 40th Trevithick Day recently. This annual event celebrates the industrial legacy of Camborne, paying homage to renowned inventor and mining engineer, Richard Trevithick.

Trevithick was a key figure in the development of steam-powered road and rail transport, contributing significantly to the industrial revolution. The festivities included displays of steam engines from various parts of the country, along with parades, music, and dance performances.

Trevor Brookes, Chairman of Camborne Trevithick Association, described the event as a day of free family entertainment. He emphasized that once attendees arrived, they could enjoy four stages of entertainment at no cost. Local bands, choirs, street performers, and vintage vehicles added to the festive atmosphere.

Collin French, the custodian of the Puffing Devil engine, a replica of Trevithick’s pioneering steam locomotive, highlighted the significance of the original machine in shaping modern transportation. The replica engine, which famously ascended Camborne Hill in 1801, was a central feature of the celebration, underscoring Camborne’s historical role as an engineering hub.

Shop owner Jo Weller expressed her delight at the event, calling it one of the highlights of the year. She praised the community spirit and social aspect of the day, noting how it brought together old acquaintances and created a sense of camaraderie.

Trevithick Day serves as a reminder of Camborne’s rich history as an engineering center and celebrates the lasting impact of its industrial heritage. The event continues to draw locals and visitors alike, offering a unique opportunity to pay tribute to the pioneering work of Richard Trevithick.