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Two New Board Members Join Northampton Jazz Festival

The Northampton Jazz Festival has recently added two new board members who bring a wealth of experience and skills to the organization. Ricard Torres-Mateluna and Jillian Duclos have joined the board, with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, marketing, community organizing, and music from various cultures.

Ruth Griggs, the president of the board, expressed excitement about the new additions, stating that both Torres-Mateluna and Duclos have already made significant contributions to the organization. Their fresh ideas and practical approach are helping to expand the festival’s offerings, including introducing children’s programming, more jazz events, and featuring musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds on the stage.

Jillian Duclos, who holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and serves as the executive director of the Downtown Northampton Assoc., is passionate about driving economic development in Northampton. She brings a unique perspective on collaboration and community building to the board, aiming to help Northampton thrive.

Ricard Torres-Mateluna, a brand and marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience, has a global mindset that he applies at a local level. He has a deep love for jazz and is also involved in the editorial board of a jazz magazine in his native Chile. Torres-Mateluna’s diverse background and understanding of different perspectives enable him to create inclusive solutions that resonate with people.

Both new board members are poised to contribute significantly to the Northampton Jazz Festival, bringing a fresh perspective and a wealth of skills to help the organization grow and thrive.