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Unforgettable edition of the MontgóRock 2024 festival featuring Sidecars and Coque Malla

The MontgóRock festival from Xàbia has once again delivered an unforgettable experience for thousands of rock music lovers. Held against the stunning backdrop of Montgó and the Mediterranean, the festival brought together fans from the Marina Alta region for a weekend filled with rhythm and excitement.

The first day of the festival kicked off with a bang on Friday, May 3, showcasing a diverse range of musical talent. From the intensity of Badlands to the infectious rhythms of Pignoise and the unique fusion of Santero y los Muchachos, attendees were taken on a sonic journey they won’t soon forget. Standout performances from Sidecars and Tarque & La Asociación del Riff left the audience in a state of musical ecstasy.

Day two, on Saturday, May 4, continued the excitement with an equally impressive lineup. Coque Malla’s charismatic performance was a highlight, captivating the audience with his stage presence and unforgettable repertoire. The night concluded with powerful sets from Los Zigarros and Besmaya, leaving attendees craving more.

Between the two days, headliners Sidecars and Coque Malla showcased why they are considered emblematic figures in the Spanish music scene, delivering moments of pure musical magic that will be remembered by all present.

In addition to the music, MontgóRock offered a complete experience with a variety of dining options, cultural activities, and a festive atmosphere rarely found at other festivals. With a dedicated audience and impeccable organization, the festival once again solidified its place as a standout musical event in the region.

As the curtain closed on MontgóRock 2024, hearts were still resonating with the energy and excitement of two unforgettable days, reminding attendees why rock is more than just music—it’s an experience that brings people together and nourishes the soul with its transformative power.