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‘Week 52: Endon Well Dressing – A Year of Moorlands Attractions’

This week marks week 52 of the Year of Reasons to Visit the Moorlands, and the spotlight is on the enchanting Endon Well Dressing tradition. Well Dressings are a cherished local custom in the Peak District, where communities adorn wells with intricate displays made from flowers, moss, leaves, and other natural materials. Volunteers meticulously craft these displays on clay-covered wooden frames, creating stunning works of art.

The town of Endon hosts an annual Well Dressing festival at the end of May, kicking off with a blessing followed by a myriad of festivities. From crowning the Well Dressing Queen to lively maypole dancing, music, dance, and theatrical performances, the event is brimming with entertainment. Attendees can also enjoy a fun fair, sporting events, and an array of stalls offering a variety of goods.

During the recent Bank Holiday weekend, the atmosphere at the Black Horse in Endon was bustling with visitors savoring the festive spirit. The pub, known for its excellent menu, served up delicious food and drinks both inside and at their outdoor pop-up takeaway.

A big congratulations to everyone involved in this year’s Well Dressing celebration. The Endon Well Dressing and the Black Horse pub are truly standout attractions in the Moorlands, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences.

With the upcoming General Election on 4th July, this will be the final column in the Year of Reasons series. A heartfelt thank you to all participants in this initiative, as well as the numerous businesses and organizations that have not yet been mentioned.