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Anora, a comedic drama with an erotic dancer, wins top award at Cannes Film Festival.

The Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival was awarded to “Anora,” a raw, highly explicit, and often hilarious story about a New York erotic dancer. The film directed by Sean Baker solidified his position as a prominent voice in American indie cinema and introduced 25-year-old Mikey Madison as a rising star.

In “Anora,” Madison plays the lead role of a dancer who finds success with a wealthy client but faces challenges when confronting his Russian oligarch parents. The film received high praise from the head of the jury, Greta Gerwig, who described it as an “incredible, human and humane film that captured our hearts.”

Baker dedicated the film to all sex workers, emphasizing his commitment to this project for the past three decades. The 77th edition of the festival showcased several feminist and political films with intense themes of gore and sex.

Karla Sofia Gascon made history by winning best actress for her role in the audacious musical “Emilia Perez,” portraying a Mexican narco boss who undergoes a sex change. The jury recognized Gascon’s performance with co-stars Zoe Saldana and Selena Gomez, highlighting the “harmony of sisterhood.”

Among other notable winners, Jesse Plemons received an award for his role in Yorgos Lanthimos’s series “Kinds Of Kindness.” The festival also honored “The Seed Of The Sacred Fig” for drawing attention to injustice and awarded “All We Imagine As Light” and “Emilia Perez” for their exceptional storytelling.

Miguel Gomes won Best Director for “Grand Tour,” while “The Substance,” featuring Demi Moore, received recognition for its screenplay. The festival highlighted the need for a revolution in the film industry, particularly concerning women’s experiences and societal expectations.

Additionally, George Lucas was honored with an honorary Palme d’Or, presented by Francis Ford Coppola, marking a significant moment in the festival. The event showcased a diverse range of films and talent, underlining the evolving landscape of cinema.