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“Digital Versions of Kim Whanki’s Art Showcased by LG OLED at Frieze New York”

LG OLED is showcasing digitally reimagined works by the late Korean artist Kim Whanki at the Frieze art fair in New York. The exhibition, titled “We Meet Again in New York,” features five animated versions of Whanki’s original works, highlighting his mastery in Korean abstract art.

LG OLED Art has successfully translated Whanki’s work into digital form using OLED technology to accurately reproduce the details and colors of the original pieces. The exhibition aims to showcase the intricate level of detail that Whanki put into his artwork, which involved hand-painting mosaic-like dots on canvas with a thin inkbrush.

The works on display at Frieze were originally created by Whanki during his time in New York between 1963 and 1974. These pieces reflect Whanki’s memories of Korea and the New York art scene that influenced his work during that period.

Whanki experimented with different materials and techniques while in New York, developing his signature “all-over dot” style, which is prominently featured in the exhibited works. The exhibition includes a digitally reimagined version of Whanki’s final painting, composed of hundreds of thousands of blue-black dots.

In addition to the Frieze exhibition, a concurrent show titled “Whanki in New York” is being held at the Korean Cultural Center in New York, featuring the digital versions of Whanki’s works alongside twenty-seven original pieces loaned from the Whanki Museum in Seoul.

The LG OLED Art exhibition at Frieze New York will run until May 5, showcasing the digital versions of Whanki’s artwork, providing a unique insight into the late artist’s creativity and style. This partnership between LG OLED and Dezeen highlights the intersection of art and technology, showcasing the innovative ways in which digital art can bring traditional works to life.