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Talented chef creates duck confit for charity event supporting children with cancer in NYC: ‘Grateful to be able to help’

Joshua Small, a freshman at Lycée Français de New York, recently showcased his culinary skills and passion for helping others by taking on the role of acting executive chef at a fundraising dinner for the Ronald McDonald House-New York. The event, organized by Small and his friend Alexander Morris, raised over ,500 to support children battling cancer.

Despite having only taken one culinary training course, Small discovered his love for cooking at a young age and further developed his skills through self-teaching and online tutorials during the pandemic. He began preparing meals for his family and collaborated with Chez Les Frenchies café in Upper East Side to create special dishes for fundraising purposes.

The funds raised from the fundraising event will be used to provide essential services for pediatric cancer patients, such as temporary housing, transportation to treatment, and family activities. Small’s generosity and commitment to making a difference in the community have been commended by the charity’s Director of Volunteers and Communications, Caitlin Conklin.

Small’s passion for cooking and helping others has inspired him to continue using his talents to support charitable causes and give back to those in need. His dedication was evident at the fundraising event, where guests enjoyed his expertly crafted dishes and praised his culinary skills.

Since the age of 12, Small has been actively fundraising and creating dishes to support the Ronald McDonald House charity. His determination to continue supporting causes that are important to him highlights the significance of using one’s talents to create meaningful change in the world.

Joshua Small’s story serves as a reminder of the impact young individuals can have on their communities through their talents and creativity. His commitment to helping children battling cancer and their families through fundraising events and culinary creations has not only raised significant funds but also inspired others to support charitable causes through their own gifts and interests.