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Discovering the Bright Side of Splendour’s Decline

As individuals grow older, the attraction to attending music festivals tends to wane. The thought of enduring hours of sweating in the sun, surrounded by strangers and expensive drinks, becomes less enticing. The physical toll of constant partying and mosh pits also becomes more apparent, leading to a desire for a more relaxing and comfortable music experience. Nevertheless, the passion for live music remains strong, and missing out on seeing favorite bands can be disappointing.

Reflecting on missed opportunities to witness legendary bands like Blur, the Cure, the Strokes, Beck, Iggy Pop, Madness, and the Raconteurs, due to attending music festivals like Splendour and Bluesfest, is a common sentiment. While these festivals offer a unique and thrilling experience, they also come with sacrifices, such as missing out on other live music performances that may not come around again. Each individual may have their own list of missed opportunities based on their musical tastes and preferences.

Despite acknowledging the drawbacks of music festivals, the author does not see the decline of events like Splendour and Bluesfest as a reason to complain or celebrate. Instead, they choose to adopt a positive outlook and appreciate the experience for what it is. While recognizing that as they age, their priorities may shift towards more laid-back activities, their love for live music persists. This acceptance and perspective allow them to navigate the evolving landscape of music festivals and live performances with grace.

The author’s journey towards embracing a more relaxed and mature approach to music festivals mirrors the experience of many aging festival-goers. As the physical demands and crowded environments become less appealing, the longing for a more comfortable and enjoyable music experience grows stronger. This shift in perspective enables a more balanced view of the pros and cons of attending music festivals, as well as a deeper appreciation for the memories and experiences gained from past events.

Ultimately, the author’s decision to step back from the whirlwind of music festivals does not diminish their love for live music. They understand that there are alternative ways to enjoy music that may better suit their current preferences and lifestyle. By focusing on the positive aspects of past festival experiences and looking forward to new opportunities to see live music in a more relaxed setting, they find happiness and fulfillment in their evolving relationship with music and entertainment.

In essence, the author’s contemplation of their evolving feelings towards music festivals underscores the common experience of aging and changing priorities. While the allure of wild parties and mosh pits may fade over time, the passion for live music remains a constant source of joy and inspiration. By approaching the changing landscape of music festivals with openness and optimism, one can continue to relish live music in a way that aligns with their current preferences and lifestyle, creating new memories and experiences in the process.