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Representing Denmark at the 60th Venice Biennale: Insights from Inuuteq Storch

The 2024 Venice Biennale is quickly approaching, and artists and curators are gearing up for the event. One artist, Inuuteq Storch, is preparing to represent Denmark at the prestigious exhibition. Storch’s pavilion will be located in the Giardini, and he recently shared some insights into his thoughts on Venice and his exhibition plans with ArtReview.

In an interview with ArtReview, Storch recalled his childhood fascination with Venice, a city he found mesmerizing due to its unique layout, with roads made of water instead of traditional streets. This childhood dream has now become a reality as he prepares to showcase his work in the floating city.

Storch explained that his exhibition in Venice will blend traditional and modern elements, much like Greenland, drawing inspiration from his country’s rich history and future. He emphasized the significance of being chosen by the Danish Arts Foundation to exhibit at the Venice Biennale, highlighting the honor it represents for him.

When asked about the importance of national art and his nation’s artistic traditions, Storch reflected on the survival origins of Greenlandic art. He detailed how traditional survival practices evolved into what is now recognized as art, shaped by Western influences over time. Storch shared that art is a universal language, but specific places like Greenland have unique artistic expressions rooted in history.

To gain a deeper understanding of Greenland, Storch recommended reading works by Taimane Gûtimik Nalussûgama and Josef Tarrak, and watching the documentary “Sume, Sound of Revolution.” These resources provide valuable insights into Greenland’s past and present, offering a glimpse into the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

Storch cited several artists and musicians as influences on his work, including Kârale Andreassen and Greenlandic musicians Ole Kristiansen, Sume, and Andachan. These figures have played a significant role in shaping Storch’s artistic vision and everyday life.

As Storch prepares for the Venice Biennale, he looks forward to spending time with his family, noting that it will be a rare opportunity for them to come together. Amidst the excitement of showcasing his work in Venice, Storch values the chance to connect with loved ones in this special setting.

The 60th Venice Biennale will run from April 20 to November 24, offering a platform for artists like Inuuteq Storch to share their unique perspectives and creative visions with a global audience.