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Exploring Future Options for the Sundance Film Festival

The renowned Sundance Film Festival, known for its celebration of independent cinema, is considering the possibility of relocating to other U.S. locations starting in 2027. The Sundance Institute made this announcement on Wednesday, indicating that the 2025 and 2026 festivals will still be held in Park City and Salt Lake City.

With the current contract set to expire in 2027, the institute is actively exploring various options through a request for information and request for proposal process. While Park City has been the festival’s home for 40 years, the final decision on the festival’s location for 2027 and beyond is expected to be announced by early 2025.

Eugene Hernandez, the festival’s director, emphasized the importance of ensuring the festival’s continued success culturally, operationally, and financially. He mentioned the need to maintain the essence of the festival experience while also serving the global film community effectively.

The Sundance Film Festival, founded by Robert Redford, has been a launching pad for many top filmmakers and has hosted premieres for numerous Oscar-nominated and winning films. Mayor Nann Worel expressed her desire for the festival to remain in Park City, highlighting the significant economic impact it has on the state of Utah.

While the festival has faced challenges with local ski resorts due to the influx of festivalgoers during peak ski season, partnerships with resorts like Deer Valley Resort have been viewed as mutually beneficial. Various stakeholders in Park City, including spokespersons for Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain, expressed support for keeping the festival in town.

As the festival continues to evolve, with involvement from figures like Robert Redford and his daughter Amy Redford, the Sundance Institute is navigating leadership changes, including the recent appointment of acting CEO Amanda Kelso. The festival’s long-standing presence in Park City and Utah remains a cornerstone of the community, with hopes that it will continue to thrive in its current home.

Overall, the Sundance Film Festival’s exploration of new locations reflects its commitment to sustainability and growth, while preserving its rich history and impact on the independent film industry.