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New creators program introduced for publishing lifestyle content

Yahoo has launched a new creator program that allows selected writers to publish and monetize lifestyle stories under the Yahoo News brand. The initiative aims to expand the platform’s lifestyle content, focusing on topics like fitness, DIY, travel, home, and style, excluding politics and sports. Creators will have the opportunity to grow their audience and generate revenue through ads and affiliate programs.

The platform will feature posts alongside traditional Yahoo News content, marked with a “creator” tag. These posts will have a longer shelf life and offer more evergreen content than typical news articles. Creators will use a specific article template and be able to add images, text, and product links to earn affiliate revenue. They will also have access to article metrics and earnings insights through a dashboard.

Creators will have autonomy over their content, following Yahoo’s guidelines and being monitored by a combination of automated systems and human moderators. Yahoo plans to expand the creator network in the coming months and hopes to capitalize on the growing trend of creator-led platforms for news consumption.

While some may approach the initiative with skepticism due to past struggles of similar platforms, Yahoo has shown resilience under its new owner Apollo Global Management. With a strong revenue stream and profitability, Yahoo aims to leverage creator-led content to engage with a broader audience. One of the early creators on the platform, Amber Kemp-Gerstel, sees this as an opportunity to bring back long-form blog content and reach a wider audience with her craft-focused content.

As more people turn to creator-led platforms for news, Yahoo’s creators program may offer a unique space for creators to connect with new audiences and monetize their content in a changing media landscape.