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‘Refugee Week in Greece 2024 – Different Perspectives’

Refugee Week Greece is back for its third year, organized by Counterpoints Arts and We Are Community. This cultural festival celebrates the resilience, diversity, and creativity of individuals who have experienced forced displacement. The event coincides with World Refugee Day on June 20th and aims to amplify the global movement honoring the contributions and authentic stories of displaced individuals.

The week-long program features a variety of events, activities, and workshops designed to deepen understanding of the challenges faced by displaced communities and highlight their positive impact. Securing a safe and sustainable home is a significant challenge for many, whether they are new arrivals or long-time residents of Greece. Recognizing the importance of having a home for all is crucial.

The theme of Refugee Week 2024 is “Our Home,” inviting everyone to reflect on what home means to them. From communal spaces to our shared planet, Earth, the festival celebrates the essence of home and the need to ensure everyone has access to a safe and sustainable living environment.

This year, Refugee Week Greece is promoting a plastic-free initiative and encouraging participants to make their events plastic-free as well. A Plastic Free Guide has been created to assist organizers and attendees in planning environmentally friendly events. By working together and supporting this sustainable initiative, we can build a better future for everyone.

The festival aims to foster collaboration among participants and partners from diverse backgrounds to promote a positive message for refugees and inspire collective action towards more inclusive societies. Engaging in community activities in integrated spaces offers opportunities for personal development, skill-building, and a sense of contribution to society.

Refugee Week 2024 will take place from June 17th to June 23rd. Join us in celebrating resilience, diversity, and creativity. Visit the Refugee Week Greece website to learn more.