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‘Revisiting Fairport Convention: A Deluxe 11CD & DVD Box Set from 1982-1990’

Reissue specialists Madfish have unveiled the Fairport Convention ‘It All Came Around Again: Onstage and On Air 1982-90’ deluxe box set, offering fans a chance to relive the legendary band’s second Golden age in one comprehensive collection.

Curated by Bert Jansch/John McLaughlin biographer Colin Harper, this meticulously crafted box set features hours of live performances from Fairport Convention on stage at Cropredy and in session on the BBC, paying tribute to the band’s enduring legacy.

After the band’s initial success from 1967 to 1979, Fairport Convention reunited in 1980 in Cropredy, Oxfordshire, setting the stage for the iconic ‘Fairport’s Cropredy Convention’ festival. By 1985, a new lineup led by Peggy and Simon reinvigorated the band, releasing four new albums by 1990 and garnering regular BBC radio appearances.

The limited edition 11CD + DVD set includes a 60-page book and reproduction memorabilia signed by members of the legendary 1970 Full House lineup. With 134 audio tracks, including 57 previously unreleased recordings, and over 100 minutes of BBC DVD content, fans can dive deep into Fairport Convention’s live performances and studio sessions. The box set also features mastering by Eroc and contributions from noted music writers Graeme Thomson, Patrick Humphries, Nigel Schofield, Colin Irwin, and Mat Snow.

The ‘Fairport Convention ‘It All Came Round Again: Onstage And On Air 1982-1990’ Boxset is set for release on Madfish on 26th July, with pre-orders available on the official Madfish website. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the timeless magic of Fairport Convention in one definitive collection.