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Debut of Rock Candy Festival with immersive L-ISA sound

China recently hosted the 110th edition of the China Food and Drinks Fair, which featured the exciting debut of the Rock Candy Festival. The festival showcased performances by both local and international artists, all enhanced by the immersive sound technology of L-ISA. This marked the first time L-Acoustics technology was used at an open-air festival in the region.

Legendary music director Zhang Yadong and renowned sound designer He Biao co-created the two-day outdoor concert, which presented a unique challenge during the design phase. The hilly audience area required special measures to ensure even sound coverage. To address this issue, seven cranes were strategically positioned to support the main rigging trusses, with five hangs of L-Acoustics K2 comprising the main L-ISA Scene System.

The extensive sound system included multiple hangs of K1 and K2 speakers, as well as subwoofers and front fill speakers to deliver a powerful and immersive audio experience. The concert sound system, consisting of 78 LA12X and 24 LA8 amplified controllers, was deployed by Beijing Dadong Huahan Audio Visual Equipment, with support from local L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor, Rightway Audio Consultants.

The artists’ sound engineers utilized a range of DiGiCo digital mixing consoles to create unique and dynamic mixes for their performances. The exploration of object-based mixing allowed for a new level of creativity and versatility in the sound design, providing a truly exceptional audio experience for festival attendees.

With a diverse lineup of artists spanning various genres, including pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, and electronic music, attendees praised the audio experience at the Rock Candy Festival. One fan shared, “The listening experience was truly exceptional. The complete immersion of sound that enveloped me was a revelation and added significant value to Chengdu’s brand-new music festival.”

Overall, the Rock Candy Festival was a resounding success, showcasing the cutting-edge technology of L-Acoustics and setting a new standard for audio experiences at outdoor festivals in China.