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‘SquidFest: Dates, Location, and Prizes’

Stardew Valley’s latest update, version 1.6, has introduced an exciting new festival called SquidFest. This festival, which spans two days, is focused on all things related to squids. For avid Stardew Valley players, squids are notoriously difficult to catch, making SquidFest a unique and challenging event.

SquidFest takes place in Winter, specifically on the 12th and 13th of the month. This festival is an all-day event, requiring players to head to the west beach of Pelican Town to start fishing for squids immediately in order to earn rewards. To maximize your success at SquidFest, it’s recommended to prepare bait in advance, with Magic Bait or Squid Bait being the most effective choices.

As squids are ocean fish, SquidFest’s location on the beach makes perfect sense. This festival provides a great opportunity for players to improve their fishing skills by catching a significant number of squids.

The rewards in SquidFest are determined by prize tiers on each day of the festival. Players will need to catch varying amounts of squids to reach different prize tiers. For example, on day one, players will need to catch 1 squid for the Bronze tier, 3 squids for Silver, 5 squids for Gold, and 8 squids for Iridium. On day two, the requirements increase slightly, with 2 squids for Bronze, 5 squids for Silver, 7 squids for Gold, and 10 squids for Iridium.

The rewards for each tier include items like Deluxe Bait, Mystery Boxes, Coffee, furniture paintings, and various other in-game items. Players can redeem their prizes by speaking with the festival host after collecting the required number of squids.

Overall, SquidFest in Stardew Valley offers players a fun and challenging event with unique rewards to earn by showcasing their fishing skills.