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‘2024 Festival Campaign Features Emerging Music Talent – Web Coverage’

PacSun, a California-based retailer known for its association with music events like Coachella, is launching its 2024 festival campaign featuring four emerging artists. Addie Rintel, vice president of women’s merchandising and design at PacSun, expressed excitement about welcoming new talent to the PacSun Collective, highlighting the intersection of fashion and music as powerful forms of self-expression.

The four young talents featured in the campaign are Michael J. Woodard, Abrieel, Acoya, and Ronnie Watts. Woodard, known for his appearance on “American Idol,” is joined by Abrieel, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, Acoya, a singer and producer based in San Francisco, and Watts, a pop artist from upstate New York. The campaign kicked off with a music video showcasing Watts’ original song “Fast, Fast, Fast,” with more content planned for the other artists, including an unreleased single by Acoya titled “LoverBoi.”

PacSun, founded in 1980 and owned by Golden Gate Capital, targets kids, teens, and young adults. The brand has recently featured content creator Emma Chamberlain in its campaigns, catering to a youthful audience. The artists will be performing inside PacSun’s flagships in Los Angeles and New York, with livestreams on the brand’s TikTok account.

Fans can expect a fusion of fashion, music, and creativity in PacSun’s new festival campaign, showcasing the talent and diversity of these emerging artists.