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Trend Alert: Rising Interest in Mocktail Culture

Loews Hotels has introduced a new F&B program called Free Spirited across its 26 properties in the U.S. and Canada, catering to the growing demand for healthy and destination-specific beverages among travelers. The program offers a wide range of no-alcohol and low-alcohol options that incorporate ingredients and flavors unique to each location. This initiative will also be integrated into the hotels’ group-catering menus starting this summer.

Mark Weiss, senior vice president of food & beverage for Loews, noted that there has been an increase in guests seeking diverse zero-proof and low-alcohol menu choices. The mixology teams at each property are working together to develop beverages that reflect the essence of the destination, utilizing premium local ingredients that align with the hotel’s identity.

The program aims to provide guests with a bespoke and mindful experience, in line with the current health-conscious trend in society. With a focus on offering a variety of options that cater to this lifestyle, Loews Hotels is committed to ensuring a robust selection of beverages for all guests to enjoy.

For more information on the unique offerings available at specific destinations, you can visit the full article here.