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Jess Glynne Tearfully Leaves Glastonbury Stage Before Music Comeback

Jess Glynne recently opened up about the emotional moment when she rushed off the Glastonbury Festival stage in tears. The singer, who is gearing up to make her comeback to the music scene with her first new album in six years, reflected on her Glastonbury experiences during an appearance on This Morning.

During her interview, Glynne shared her memories of performing on The Pyramid Stage in 2016. She confessed that she was overwhelmed with nerves as she stepped onto the stage with her team. The 34-year-old artist recalled, “I remember walking up on stage at Glastonbury and I was with my team. I got up there and I heard the crowd and I saw them and I ran off and burst into tears.”

The emotional moment on stage at Glastonbury left a lasting impact on Glynne, but she is now ready to return to the spotlight with new music. As fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming album, the singer’s candid revelation about her past struggles at one of the world’s biggest music festivals provides insight into the challenges she has faced on her journey in the music industry.